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Feeling More

January 30, 2013


Yoga is done this morning and now I’m up and looking for news to bring you. A good cup of fresh ground coffee and music guide me through my search. This morning I find myself listening to this song a few times. Gives me a good vibe and the photo shoot for the album just […]

Clever Travel

July 26, 2012


These may be the most practically creative boxers since drizzaws for your bizzals. You remember the Maurice Malone boxers that had a pouch for a condom on the front. Clever Travel gives men a place to stash some cash and a passport im 2 zippered pockets. If you happen to be in one of those […]

Sophisticated Ignorance

October 28, 2011


Kanye said he writes his curses in cursive, while i want to take it 3 steps further. Unveiled in Dubai, introducing Blackerry’s Porsche P9881. Coming in at a vulgar $2000, the stainless steel and leather tech toy, will make people wonder if you know we are in a recession. Imagine a Wall Street exec whipping […]

Happy Cutting

October 12, 2011


If you are someone who loves pizza and all things fun this is a must for the kitchen. Spotted this on the web store think geek. I think this is definitely a conversation starter. Go order yours

Want Us to Fall In Love With You?

October 11, 2011


Many women today share the same sentiment; “there aren’t any good men out there anymore.” Well we know this isn’t true. But that’s not the focus of these words. What do you do ladies when you “finally” come across that good man? Now I am not the foremost scholar on making a man fall in […]

Attitude-what’s cool

October 9, 2011


Remember it’s NEVER cool to be the one that’s TOO cool. Guys do not be the one out in the club or bar just standing against the wall with a drink in your hand. Interact. Mingle. Want to catch the attention of that gorgeous woman there? Be seen talking to various people in the club. […]

Naomi Campbell

October 9, 2011


Though we all may have a different opinion of her personally, i don’t know too many men who don’t think Naomi Campbell is something nice to look at. Usually seen with a long week and a cell phone flying out of her hand, she took time off of both to pose for Lurve magazine. I […]