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Does Meditating Help Your Brain?: The Daily Details: Blog : Details

August 10, 2012


I am always looking for and talking about ways to enhance one’s life. This is definitely something i say add to the mix. And sincd i say take 15 minutes of each morning for yourself this fits right in. Does Meditating Help Your Brain?: The Daily Details: Blog : Details –

The 5 Tibetan Rites

August 5, 2012


I always talk about giving time to yourself every morning to start your day. I just don’t understand waking up with just enough time to rush out the door and get to work. I sah no less than 15minutes dedicated to you EVERY morning. One of the things I do is stretch and the 5 […]

How 15 Minutes Can Change Your Life

May 9, 2012


  The alarm goes off. You jump out of bed, hop in the shower, throw your clothes on, get out the door and arrive at work with no time to spare. This is a lifestyle that I cannot understand. Those who do this tend to end their workday and start their evening just the same. […]

Who Are You??

December 22, 2011


“Happiness comes from self. But where is the self? Who is the self? Who are you? If you don’t know, you’ll never be happy, because you’ll never be able to connect to the inner,core qualities that make happiness possible. You’ll just travel through life in circles, always going, always intent- never arriving, never content. Some […]

The Price of Friendship

May 16, 2011


Came across this really interesting short article¬† in rebel magazine. It discusses the differences between buddies in friends. I must say i don’t think many men know these differences exist. The article has a few great quotes. My favorite may be “guys are encouraged to chase everything but someone who will hold us accountable. We […]


May 8, 2011


The enjoyment of quality remains long after the price is forgotten.

Parkour Excercises

May 4, 2011


We know the traditional workouts at the gym are becoming old school. Where’s the fun in that? The weather is changing so let’s start to get outside!! Enjoy nature a little. Go back to playing. Remember when we were young and in the best shape of our lives? W didn’t go to the gym. We […]


March 15, 2011


This is an article that I found while reading the newest issue of details magazine. I think everyone needs to take a read. We are all caught up the fat free craze, but we are not focusing on what may be the true indicator to weight gain. Click on the link and travel to the […]

lower ab work

March 9, 2011


We know the lower abs can be the hardest thing to have looking good on the body. Take a look and notice his form for the most effective results.