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What A Way to Go Out

February 7, 2013


We have all had our fills of the work place one time or another. This short film from Mr. Porter, starring Elijah Wood, shows how you go out in style. Check it out.

Feeling More

January 30, 2013


Yoga is done this morning and now I’m up and looking for news to bring you. A good cup of fresh ground coffee and music guide me through my search. This morning I find myself listening to this song a few times. Gives me a good vibe and the photo shoot for the album just […]

Tommy Carroll, Blind Skateboarder

January 21, 2013


If this isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is. Now tell me why you can’t accomplish something again.

NYC Cool

June 3, 2012


Marcus Samuellsson

January 2, 2012


I’m sure we know who the guy is. If you don’t you might want to come from under the rock and check your coolness. Ok he comes from mixed heritage. Mom is Swedish and Dad is Ethiopian. Ok the man is a monster in the kitchen!! And we have heard anout jis valiant attempt to […]

Ronaldo Respect His Cool

July 13, 2011


It doesn’t get much cooler than soccer aka futbol player Christiano Ronaldo. Besides being the best in the world for many years he is known for his fashion and Armani ads. The Portuguese star even launched a couple of CR-7 stores. Many would call his style “metro-sexual,” i would just call it clean, put together […]

Sammy 2 Cool

May 9, 2011


As a member of one of the coolest crews of all time, Sammy Davis Jr. wowed audiences with his dance moves as well as his voice. So to kick off our Respect His Cool section who better? His cool was one of the first to cross over and be accepted by white audiences. He met […]