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Letter To Black Women- your tv persona

January 12, 2012


Dear Black Women, Hello and how are you? The reason behind this missive saddens me, but I must reach out to you in this form. I have so much to say to you but I am clueless as how to phrase it so it does not sound a way I do not want it to […]

Women and Relationships-

December 12, 2011


WE FEAR WHAT WE DON’T UNDERSTAND!! The saying is true. In addition, I am starting to think women today are scared of relationships. That’s right I said it. I BELIEVE MANY WOMEN ARE SCARED OF RELATIONSHIPS. There are multitudes of reasons why they may be fearful of relationships. While many may be scared because of […]

Taking Care of Home- The Women

November 2, 2011


A strange thing happened to me the other day. I was left speechless. Yes ME. Absolutely no response. While sitting with a client at work that i sit with regularly she asked me a question and for Ive of the rare times in my life i did not know how to respond. The conversation was […]

Want Us to Fall In Love With You?

October 11, 2011


Many women today share the same sentiment; “there aren’t any good men out there anymore.” Well we know this isn’t true. But that’s not the focus of these words. What do you do ladies when you “finally” come across that good man? Now I am not the foremost scholar on making a man fall in […]