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Casing Out the Joint

January 25, 2012


Ladies. We as men are always trying to get you come over. And once we get you over more often than not WE WANT YOU to stay over. If that goes well, we want you to come AND stay again. Now that we established that we need your help. When it comes to being comfortable […]

What We Need To Know About the Independent Woman

January 2, 2012


Man fears what he doesn’t understand. Women and children do too, but perhaps more so, men. We now live in an ever evolving time. Women, to the dismay of some, have moved out of their traditional roles in the home and into various roles outside of it. This change in roles has brought about a […]

What Should We Say?

December 29, 2011


Ladies, this question is for you. Let me set the scene. You are at the bar drink in hand and your female friend just went to the bathroom. We men see this as the prime opportunity to approach. We’ve had our eyes on you all night and even made eye contact once or twice. We […]

What Attracts Women

December 20, 2011


Ladies. You always tell us that we don’t have a clue. Well now is your chance to give us an idea of what attracts you to a man. Gentlemen, be sure to pay attention and add some of the top choices under your belt. Share SHAre SHARE

The Looks They Love

August 31, 2010


We don’t like to admit this but we take our cues from women. So ladies we are asking you to vote for your favorite look on a man. What is the sexiest to you? 1) jeans and a t shirt 2) jeans and a crisp button down shirt 3) nice fitting suit 4) shorts, tennis […]


August 16, 2010


For some couples growing together is a very important thing. I believe today many have gone away from this concept. To help get back to this idea I offer these tips that are sure to help you guys have fun, learn each other and start to build a life. So the moment you say you […]

Summer Dating

June 28, 2010


The weather is starting to heat up, the skies are blue, YET we are racing to get inside many places. This summer get outside more. And what better way to do this than a date with good company. So let’s start changing the rules. Many relationships often falter due to the lack of friendship built […]