Ride the “Train”

Posted on January 15, 2013


As I sip my freshly ground coffee this morning I scour the net looking for something to blog about. Pinterest is open and so is Pulse. Nothing yet, just pics I’m looking through. ITUNES is open now. Maybe some music will get me in the mood. A$AP’s Rocky is the choice this morning. I haven’t listened yet so each song gets the 30 seconds then skip technique. Every album goes through this the 1st listen. The beats are slow, infectious and pull you in like gravity. I’m with it so far. Up comes #9  1Train. This song features Kendrick, Danny Brown, Big K.R.I.T, Action Bronson, Joey Bad A$$ and Yelawolf. These are the new cats who make the short list of new rap dudes I can listen to. Ok my interest is peaked. I think I may have to listen to this all the way through. The beat is more up beat and a chopped sample provides the melody, a filtered sample lies underneath and the snares have that NYC snap to them. This has the feel  of the old school posse cut!! Remember those. They all kill and not a verse disappoints. Either the flow or the lyrics from each catch the ear. Many lines make me want to rewind.


Bag made from Go-Yard/ chef like boy ya/d probably selling D in your court yard-Rocky

If  I’m not the hottest hell must’ve froze over/thought you were safe, must’ve forgot what the cold was/

They seen my pigment and thought I was the ignance/ fortunately im not that type of niglet/ pass the pot so I can skill-et/ just got back from a 6 o clock with jigga/ thinking about signing with the rock/my niggaz on the block still signed with rocks- Joey Bad A$$

Check out Vibe to hear Rocky talk about the collab