Brunch at Brasserie Beck

Posted on December 22, 2012



Figured I’d hit D.C. to finish up my Christmas shopping. Before I could take on Georgetown I knew I would need some energy and calories first. Knowing this I made Brasserie Beck my destination for brunch. Seated at the bar I was greeted quickly and offered a brunch menu. The brunch menu offered a lot of variety. Chicken and waffles to Alaskan Salmon cake. The finalist were the waffle of the day or the Gruber Cheese Omelet. I make omelets at home so the waffle of the day won out. Ginger bread waffle topped with poached apple’s and a couple of black berries. Now what to pair that with? Pomegranate mimosa. Delicious is all I can say. From bite one I knew I would enjoy. Not overly complicated but executed right.¬† Few things have me wanting to go home and recreate. This did. Check them out on K street over north west. I will try the Belgian ales next time.

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