How 15 Minutes Can Change Your Life

Posted on May 9, 2012




The alarm goes off. You jump out of bed, hop in the shower, throw your clothes on, get out the door and arrive at work with no time to spare. This is a lifestyle that I cannot understand. Those who do this tend to end their workday and start their evening just the same. With no time for themselves!! I never understood this. We give the workday all of our time. And it’s not our company.

We are all looking for ways to improve our life and 15 minutes a day can do just that. Set your alarm AT LEAST 15 minutes earlier each day and try one or many of these. I know. I know. You need those extra 15 minutes. If this is so don’t complain about your quality of life any longer. These ideas can be tried in combination each morning or one each day. Me personally i say give an extra 20-30 minutes each morning for yourself. Here are some examples.

1) Morning exercises. Do some ab work, a few pushups or body weight squats. Either way get moving before you hop in the shower

2) Yoga poses/stretching. Whether some difficult poses or a stretching routine this is an excellent way to start the day. Focused yoga clears the mind of cloudiness and gets the brain going. It will also warm the body up and get the blood flowing

3) Drink your morning coffee at the house. No longer drink your coffee racing out the door or sit in a long drive through line waiting for that morning fix. Drink it while reading the paper or browsing on your tablet or laptop. Maybe give yourself some time to sit inside your coffee house of choice

4) Prayer/meditation. Just sit and do nothing. Focus on clearing the mind and then filling it with good thoughts. Just don’t think you want to do this lying in the bed.

5) Make a good breakfast. So many of us eat some junk or skip breakfast all together. Take the time to prepare something beneficial to the body

6) Read the paper/ catching up on an interest..This can be a stand alone or done in combination with #3. But take the time to catch up on world news and something you are interested in. Just don’t do it with the tv. Phone, tablet or computer. Use these items to browse the internet or go old school and read the paper.

I make time each morning to do no less than 2 of these, but as of late i get up a few minutes earlier to incorporate more. I find myself in a better mood and my work day goes by a little smoother.

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