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Stone Soul

January 29, 2012


White men may not be able to jump, but they DAMN sure have soul. Let’s add Allen Stone to the list of blue eyed soul singers. No he’s not stealing a sound. He is embracing it!!

Tag…You’re It

January 26, 2012


Luxury. No other word is needed to describe this stainless steal and alligator phone from watch maker Tag Heuer. Now this work of art will cost you over 5k, but if you are considering dropping that much on a phone money isn’t the issue. The phone is water tight and shock proof. They use something […]

Casing Out the Joint

January 25, 2012


Ladies. We as men are always trying to get you come over. And once we get you over more often than not WE WANT YOU to stay over. If that goes well, we want you to come AND stay again. Now that we established that we need your help. When it comes to being comfortable […]

One Man’s Junk

January 18, 2012


We know the saying, but let’s replace treasure with the word art. Zac Freeman takes junk and creates portraits. Check him out. Do some research to see the rest of his work

Letter To Black Women- your tv persona

January 12, 2012


Dear Black Women, Hello and how are you? The reason behind this missive saddens me, but I must reach out to you in this form. I have so much to say to you but I am clueless as how to phrase it so it does not sound a way I do not want it to […]

Misty Copeland

January 8, 2012


Is she beautiful? Most definitely! Accomplished? Yes!! Breaking new grounds? Another astounding yes. This is why we at The New Cool love Misty Copeland. Within the last year or so she was the American Ballet Theatre’s 1st black soloist in 20 years. Now she is poised to launch M by Misty dance wear. Using common […]

Work and Play

January 5, 2012


By being available at Home Depot it’s obvious that this bag is meant more for the work site than for weekend getaways. But does that matter? The Alpine Duffel Bag from Brown Bag Co offers us a lot of versatility. 10 pockets on the inside offers space for tools or accessories.

The Art of Making Love

January 4, 2012


Many men brag about their skills in the bedroom. Ladies too. Well gentlemen here is your chance to show the artist that you are. Just in time for Valentines Day, the Love Is Art kit. Lay the plastic on the floor witb the canvas on top. Pour the paint on the canvas then proceed to […]

Marcus Samuellsson

January 2, 2012


I’m sure we know who the guy is. If you don’t you might want to come from under the rock and check your coolness. Ok he comes from mixed heritage. Mom is Swedish and Dad is Ethiopian. Ok the man is a monster in the kitchen!! And we have heard anout jis valiant attempt to […]

What We Need To Know About the Independent Woman

January 2, 2012


Man fears what he doesn’t understand. Women and children do too, but perhaps more so, men. We now live in an ever evolving time. Women, to the dismay of some, have moved out of their traditional roles in the home and into various roles outside of it. This change in roles has brought about a […]