The Morning After: Coffee

Posted on December 11, 2011



Ok Winter is here and our nights out have slowed down and we want to start entertaining lady company in the friendly confines of our own homes. Nothing like homefield advantage. We pulled outbound bottles of wine and perhaps showed skills in the kitchen. The energy expended is for one goal, to get her to stay the night.

Ok it worked and she stayed. Now what? If you like her you don’t want this to be the last morning she wakes up in your bed so you want her to be comfortable at your domicile. An important skill to posses, the quality cup of coffee, is an easy one to obtain. You want her to wake up amd feel that she doesn’t have to race out your door and hit the closest Starbucks. So i offer you one of my recipes.

1) start with a really good bag of coffee. Not a can but a bag of QUALITY coffee

2) follow instructions for making 2 cups of coffee. One for you and one for her. Then add an additional tablespoon of coffee

3) once the grounds are in the filter shake some all spice on top of them

4) while the coffee is brewing add Cinnabon creamer to the mugs. What ever amount of cream you use break it down into a ratio of 2 parts cream and 1 part vanilla soy or almond milk. Sprinkle a little cinnamon into the cream and add just a touch of sugar. Stir

4) now pour coffee and stir again

And remember the cool lies in the details so i have some decent mugs. Do not serve her this great coffee out of some mug some family member got you while in Atlantic City


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