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What Should We Say?

December 29, 2011


Ladies, this question is for you. Let me set the scene. You are at the bar drink in hand and your female friend just went to the bathroom. We men see this as the prime opportunity to approach. We’ve had our eyes on you all night and even made eye contact once or twice. We […]

Who Are You??

December 22, 2011


“Happiness comes from self. But where is the self? Who is the self? Who are you? If you don’t know, you’ll never be happy, because you’ll never be able to connect to the inner,core qualities that make happiness possible. You’ll just travel through life in circles, always going, always intent- never arriving, never content. Some […]

Dark Knight Rises Trailer

December 21, 2011


The Dark Knight movies have been great to me. Coming Summer 2012 the final chapter in the series. The trailer is here. Do you think it’s going to be a great ending?

What Attracts Women

December 20, 2011


Ladies. You always tell us that we don’t have a clue. Well now is your chance to give us an idea of what attracts you to a man. Gentlemen, be sure to pay attention and add some of the top choices under your belt. Share SHAre SHARE

Sylky Smooth

December 18, 2011


King Britt presents Sylk 130: When the Funk Hits the Fan is an album that pinpoints and exact moment in my life. The year was 1997 and was staying in Brooklyn. I remember getting this cd from either Tower Records or the Virgin Megastore. That’s one detail I can’t remember but I remember this cd […]

Fidler On a Hot Tin Roof

December 18, 2011


With today’s internet we are always on a quest for something new and hot. If that’s you check out Marques Toliver. Violinist, fiddler, and singer. Vocally he reminds me of John Legend and that is a good thing. Check out his Mahogany Sessions on Youtube. After that do you own research. That’s cooler than me […]

Women and Relationships-

December 12, 2011


WE FEAR WHAT WE DON’T UNDERSTAND!! The saying is true. In addition, I am starting to think women today are scared of relationships. That’s right I said it. I BELIEVE MANY WOMEN ARE SCARED OF RELATIONSHIPS. There are multitudes of reasons why they may be fearful of relationships. While many may be scared because of […]