Taking Care of Home- The Women

Posted on November 2, 2011


A strange thing happened to me the other day. I was left speechless. Yes ME. Absolutely no response. While sitting with a client at work that i sit with regularly she asked me a question and for Ive of the rare times in my life i did not know how to respond. The conversation was flowing and the question was simple. Now i must add that the conversation was with a lady somewhere between 70 and 80. While talking about my daughters, the norm for me, she said “you spend so much time and energy taking care of those young ladies who takes time and spends energy taking care of you?” This was the 2nd time in a few weeks this question had been posed to me. The 1st time was with someone younger and i brushed it off. But this time, with this lady i couldnt brush it off. The look she gave me was one of motherly sternness as she wanted an answer. AND I HAD NONE. But it wasn’t that. I just had no idea of how to answer AND what to say. After a few seconds of silence she  responded with “this is what disgusts me. A young man trying to do what he needs to do in the world and a woman wont take the time from thinking she is so DAMN independent to make a man feel good about himself. To make him feel like a man.”

Now this has me thinking. Do women even think along these lines anymore? Do women talk amongst their girlfriends about the things they do for their man? Do they compare notes or offer advice on the matter with each other? I don’t want to speculate or worse,assume, but i think not. I have heard women say “i am not his mother.” But i ask this. When a woman NATURALLY looms for a man to take care of them, to protect them, to provide safety from the world, are these not the qualities of a father? And providing these things extend beyond in the financial terms. Now i know ladies, some of yohr want to fly off and respond with “men aint doing this and aint doing that” but i will address that in another post. Trust me i will.

The lovely lady told me how she took the tine to lay her husband’s suit out the night before work along with his tie. How he walked out the door with a lunch she packed for him. She also told me not to be confused. That HE DID FOR HER. She never had to think about changing the oil. She overlooked at the yard and thought the grass needed to be cut. So she made the effort to make sure he never had to worry about lunch while at work.

Recently a co-worker from down south was telling me how her father would wait for her  mother to make his plate. Regardless he waited. But he also automatically too care of the car and the grass. She also told me that her fiance’ was having his boys over to watch the game that night and how she had to stop at the store to get things to make the wings he liked so much. After all his boys were coming over.

Are these actions and attitudes relegated to just the “old school” and women from down south?