Want Us to Fall In Love With You?

Posted on October 11, 2011


Many women today share the same sentiment; “there aren’t any good men out there anymore.” Well we know this isn’t true. But that’s not the focus of these words. What do you do ladies when you “finally” come across that good man? Now I am not the foremost scholar on making a man fall in love with you.LOL. But i can give you keys that work for me and ideas that my male friends share. So now I ask, do you want us to fall in love with you? Step 1. Make us fall in love with ourselves first. Ask him what is his vision of his ultimate self. Physically, mentally and emotionally. When you he has shared this picture with you, work with him on being bigger and better than even he has imagined. Find the  characteristics that he has shared that you want to see him exhibit. Put energy into him to help him get to that point. Not only will he be the man of your dreams, he will love the man he is around and because of you. Feeling this way around you he will have no choice but to want to see you more and more and show off these characteristics you have helped him build. Like any gamble, which any relationship is, nothing is 100%, but when this occurs the chances of him wanting this to end will be a lot slimmer. And we all want to play with the best odds. Now I’m not saying this works with just any man. You have to find a man who is worthy of this. Make sure the vision he shares of his ultimate self coincides with a man you can and want to be with. Build a man up and he will run through walls, hand you the moon and share his insecurities with you. NOW GO FORTH LADIES AND BUILD HIM UP