Too Cool 4 the Heat

Posted on May 1, 2011


As the temperature rises it becomes harder and harder for a man to really dress but stay cool. After all we can’t wear shorts everywhere. Below take a look at some of the following that will have looking good and staying cool.

Nanny State Winston Slip of available at Topshop

 This canvas slip can be worn with a pair of plaid or seersucker shorts and with a cool summer suit.
Red Candy Stripe Tie available at TopShop
 Throw this on with that khaki colored suit and head to that summer wedding you were invited to. If you are “officially” single show up solo. Especially if the bride has hot friends!!!
Hunter Boot Scarba Boat Shoe available at Neimans
Boat shoes NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE. With that being said, boat shoes are definitely in style right now. Great navy pair from the rain boot specialist.

Diesel Logo Polo available at Saks
Cool color and great for the weekend. Make sure it fits right and it can be worn on a night out with the fellas.
Theory  Kris HL Liberate Sport Coat and Theory Liberate Trousers available at Saks

If the traditional color khaki suit is not your thing try this color. Worn with a white shirt, you can add the striped tie from above and wear to that wedding. At the reception lose the tie and open the top button. PLEASE NO CHEST HAIR THOUGH!! For a night on the town with that attractive lady in your life pair with a dark polo.

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