Bring Your Baggage With You

Posted on April 16, 2011


In America it seems that today’s man is a little afraid of the bag. Many see it as a woman’s item and one that will greatly reduce their appearance of manliness. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I carry a little travel case in to work with me daily. Although a few will poke fun, they always want something out of it. Whether it’s lotion, a mint  or the lint brush that I carry sometimes, they always ask. There is nothing less cool as an adult man thna carrying your gym bag to your girlfriend’s house to stay the night. What about that weekend getaway with her? Take a tip from the Euro man and increase your cool with a bag.

Gucci Embossed Weekend Bag

This chocolate brown bag from the legendary fashion house comes with an internal cell phone pocket, and the detachable shoulder strap allows you to carry it by the double handles. Available at Mr Porter

Gucci Embossed Weekend Bag
Gucci Woven Hold All
Gucci Woven Leather Holdall
Gentleman. Toss your laptop in here and get ready to head to the office. Not sure if I would use this for anything else.
Lanvin Large Patchwork Bag

Lanvin Large Patchwork Leather Bag
If you appreciate craftsmanship this is the bag for you. “It’s all in the details”
Lanvin Leather Holdall available at Mr Porter
Lanvin Leather Holdall Bag
The coolest of the three. This is the look that goes great with a pair of chinos or khaki shorts and some chucks. Bag still says manly but i’m cooler than your boyfriend