Santa Rita Reserva Carmenere

Posted on January 31, 2011


This was my 1st attempt to taste a Carmenere. And for this i purchased the Santa Rita Reserva Carmenere. Not sure why i chose this wine. Could be the fact that I do not recall having a wine from Chile’. The carmenere is a grape that was brought to Chile from France that grows much better in its new climate.

The color is rich and dark and the aroma strong. After the 1st sip I immediately noticed its smokey finish. Not quite sure if that is a plus or a minus.  It’s definitely smooth and makes drinking a few glasses a strong possibility. I think this would go great with a nice heavy flavorful steak. As I am not a red meat eater i would serve this with grilled veggies in the summer or any food with a smokey taste. This is perfect for sipping at night after a day of barbecue.