Summer Dating

Posted on June 28, 2010


The weather is starting to heat up, the skies are blue, YET we are racing to get inside many places. This summer get outside more. And what better way to do this than a date with good company. So let’s start changing the rules.

Many relationships often falter due to the lack of friendship built over time. This error is committed from the very beginning. The 1st and 2nd dates. Many times we find ourselves across the table from our date with the lights turned down, sipping wine and trying to literally charm the pants off of someone. We are intoducing romance before friendship. R comes after F in the alphabet so why is it coming first in matters of the heart? When you begin to date someone why not see if you can actually have fun together, just in case it goes somewhere? You can have a couple of very romantic dates and find yourself in bed with someone. Things are great then all of a sudden you find yourself HAVING to spend an afternoon with them when the worst thing happens. You realize you do not enjoy being around them. To avoid this catastraphy have a little fun at the beginning.

Ok ok now you’re asking yourself what the options are. So let me give you a few suggestions.

Option #1 the gym date: meet each other at the local gym and get your workout on. This is a great icebreaker. A little cardio, some weights and an ab work out. You’ll find yourself laughing and smiling a lot with this activity. But don’t forget to pack a bag, shower and continue the date. A post work out lunch or protein shake is an opportunity to continue the conversation.

Option #2: go putt putt golfing. This is fun and carefree. Laughter will be in abundance here. And fellas you just may have to pull up behind her and show her how to hold the putter.

Option #3: go for a hike. Find a local trail, throw on some old tennis and get to stepping!! This is a great opportunity to communicate and burn some calories. Many times the trail ends at some breath taking view. TAKE ADVANTAGE.

Option #4: Go-kart. You and them and fast driving. Need I say more?

These are just a few choices. It’s summer!!! Add your own to this list. JUST GET OUTSIDE AND HAVE FUN!!

For best results try a couple of these dates before going out to dinner or meeting for drinks. If you guys can genuinely enjoy each other’s company any relationship you try just may have a better chance.

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