What A Way to Go Out

February 7, 2013


We have all had our fills of the work place one time or another. This short film from Mr. Porter, starring Elijah Wood, shows how you go out in style. Check it out.

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For Your Woman

January 30, 2013


An invaluable skill that a guy can have is the ability to pick out a shoe for his woman. It will make birthdays and other holidays that much easier. It’s been a while since I posted some eye candy for our female readers. So after browsing the Barney’s site to see what was new I […]

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Feeling More

January 30, 2013


Yoga is done this morning and now I’m up and looking for news to bring you. A good cup of fresh ground coffee and music guide me through my search. This morning I find myself listening to this song a few times. Gives me a good vibe and the photo shoot for the album just […]

Black Out

January 28, 2013


The Saint Laurent formally known as Yves offers up sophisticated minimalism with their SL01 sneaker. Clean and sleek design gives the shoe it versatility, so feel free to give the brogues a day off. The shoe reminds me of the classic Stan Smith by Adidas. With that being said this shoe will always be in […]

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Why We Work

January 27, 2013


Drink good coffee Eat great food Wear nice shoes For this is why we work…. Isn’t it?

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January 25, 2013


One of the best things about being a parent is that despite our hiccups our children still love us. Now only if we could lead our adult lives in this manner.

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Tommy Carroll, Blind Skateboarder

January 21, 2013


If this isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is. Now tell me why you can’t accomplish something again.